Cigars have been long been part of human civilization, and it has been so ingrained in us that to be without it would seem strange. While the origins of cigar smoking are relatively unknown, there is ample evidence pointing to our ancestors having smoked cigars for nearly a thousand years. In fact, there are 10th century pots in Guatemala that point to the Mayans having an affinity for smoking tobacco in the same manner that cigars are smoked today.


Maplewood Tobacco & E-Cig Center is a smoke shop that specializes in the sale of cigars in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Inside our cigar shop, we feature a walk-in humidor that encases our premium cigars, which range in price and quality for our customers. Within the humidor, you will find Dominican and Nicaraguan cigars alongside Honduran and Ecuadorian cigars, which are prized for their authenticity and flavor.

And once you have made your selection of cigars from the humidor, you may indeed find yourself in need of a small humidor to store your new purchases in, a cigar cutter, and even an ashtray. These cigar accessories can be found stocked on our shelves alongside other cigar products and will make a great addition to your cigar setup at home.

As a cigar store, we at Maplewood Tobacco & E-Cig Center pride ourselves in having the best cigar sales in the city, and we are always on the lookout for bringing you the best deals. If you have any questions about our cigars or our prices, please feel free to consult with our cigar specialist. We look forward to being your go-to cigar business in the future.

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I completely love the service and merchandise here. Even when I suggested a certain cigarillo, I saw it on the shelf within the same month somehow. The staff is just tremendous, each person also. I have never had a bad experience here ever and have made it a regular location. I hope everyone has had the same kind of experience as I have.
Roberto Cush

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I’ve always loved this place. Super helpful, knowledgeable staff and it’s inexpensive compared to other places. Definitely, recommend!
Louise Sterling

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Where do I start? This place is absolutely amazing! The staff are all friendly and heart warming people! They are all my favorite! The juice line ups they have are insanely perfect, if you aren’t a fan of all the premium juices that comes from name brands drop by and grab yourself a 60mL if you’re favorite flavors and enjoy! I hope to continue shopping there forever!
Stevie Boii

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Whether you enjoy smoking a pipe, a cigar, or an e-cigarette, chances are, you will find everything you need to enjoy your smoke at Maplewood Tobacco & E-Cig Center.

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